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// How It Works

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    Select an Interest you like from Games, Movies, Tech, and much more...
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    Get a random selection of recommendations
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    Vote based on the experience you had with the interest
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    Discover your next fun interest

Trust us there is more to Funmetric than just voting, but we don't want to give all the surprises away. Where's the fun in that?

We'll be sending out invites each test phase.

taste index

You never know what you like until its presented to you.

The more you vote the more we build your Taste Index™ to present you a spectrum of choices for all interests, even if, you don't like sports we'll recommend a sport you might like based on your tastes.

Discover your inner child again

With a wide range of choices for your interests, get ready to discover your next fun thing.

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Socialize on your terms

We'll be sending out invites each test phase.

Your Opinion has purpose here


The more things that interest you that you vote on the more Funmetric develops your Taste Index™ to recommend a wide spectrum of savory items catered for you.


Whether your building an audience that loves hiking a specific mountain trail or creating a space for just a few friends to rave about a new sound. Shape your community on your terms.


It's all about getting back to exploring your inner child and being excited about discovering things in life again. The more you discover and vote the more you will be rewarded for your efforts.